Day to Night: Jogger Pants

Day to Night: Jogger Pants

Charlotte Russe print pants

Black flat shoes
$34 –

ONLY black suede handbag
$27 –

I have been seeing printed jogger pants everywhere lately. They are really popular, but can be tricky to transition from day to night. The best tip I have to transition a piece of clothing is to first create an overall concept for your day outfit, then use that same concept for creating your nighttime look.
For instance, I looked for a color (blue) that stands out with the fun pattern and colors in the pant. The blue top does not challenge the pant, but rather emphasizes the fun and energetic feel that the pant radiates. The sandal, worn during the day, is a basic black with an intricate design to compliment the pant’s pattern.
For nighttime, a similar feel can be created with the jogger pant. Rather than a bright blue top, add a gray top for a nighttime feel and a wedge sandal for some sexiness while you’re out at a club, going on a date, or hanging at the bar. It is important to notice that the wedge sandal is very similar to the sandal during the day. It shows that your daytime concept was carried over the nighttime outfit. Also, to keep the blue alive, add some accessories. I like bracelets with a printed jogger pant because as you walk, the jewels in the bracelet and pattern in the pants work well together.
Hopefully, you see that you do not want to completely change the look from the daytime outfit, but rather vamp it up for the nighttime. What do you think of my tip?
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One Dress, Three Ways

One Dress, Three Ways

H M knee length dress
$12 –

ASPIGA flats sandals
$135 –

Converse sneaker

Sole Society black purse

River Island chevron print handbag
$34 –

Vintage jewelry
$17 –
One Dress, Three Ways! consist of a very basic and versatile white dress from From casual to dressy this dress can be your go-to piece of clothing. It is super comfortable and affordable! Check out the styles and the accessories I added to make the outfit unique.

Cara Delevinge is Back…With a Backpack!

Cara Delevingne’s Backpack


“It” Brit Girl, Cara Delevingne, won’t be going anywhere anytime sooon!

Last Fashion Week, Delevingne showed off her new fashion line for Mulberry, consisting of many new handbags inspired by her true self. By showing off her beautiful and unique tattoos, Delevingne becomes a designer. By Fall 2014, Delevinge’s Backpacks will be so popular!!

Here’s a video of the collaboration (not Ad campaign) between Delevingne and Cambrige Hotel. The video shows how Delevingne uses her tattoos for inspiration!! It’s pretty rad!! Give it a look.


First Meeting

First Meeting

As I am sure you all know, social media and dating apps/websites are very popular right now. From to tinder, people are meeting each other constantly.  Whether or not you are on these social sites for fun or for actual dating, when you meet up with someone you think is worthy, I want to make sure you are dressed to impress. These choices are based on my own personal style. Hope you like it:)

AX Paris cotton dress
$42 –

Tiered ruffle top

H&M high waisted jeans
$50 –

Sol Sana leather shoes

Soda army boots

80s fashion

Melanie Auld pave pendant

Rounded sunglasses

Summer days, Cool nights.


With the weather being all over the place lately here in New York, I couldn’t help but rely on my jean jacket from H&M.

A jean jacket is easy to carry around when the days are warm, but when the nights get cool and you’re still out and about, the jacket can be worn to keep you feeling comfortable in the nighttime breeze.

Check out for some more jean jackets. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Here’s the link: